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Henry Robert ( Music Composer )

"Welcome Everyone" . Asaph Studio ( Music Workstation ) , Successfully Running Since 2010 . Asaph Studio is a One of the Famous and Well Equipped Studio . We are Ready to Meet your Projects like Dubbing , Re-recording , Album Songs , Ads , Voice recording , Cine & Album Song Composing , Mix & Mastering , Audio Production for Movies & Short Films etc... You can Experience the World Class Sound with our Prism Audio Interface and Genelec Speakers etc... We are Open now So Book your Orders Soon .

Work in the most Comfortable Place to Unleash your Music . Here we Believe that Recording is not just Pressing the Record Button , it’s about Capturing the real feel of the Performance and it Involves fine - tuning your Vision . Designed by Mr. Henry Robert , Music Composer . Asaph Studio ( Music Workstation ) is all set to serve you and your thirst for music .